10 Safety Tips For Brand New Drivers

Beginner driving tips

If you are just learning to drive, then you need to be very careful and focused. Unfortunately, accident rates among new drivers is very high. However, by just following some basic tips, you can easily avoid any kind of accident. Some important driving tips for new drivers are:

1. Wear your seat belt properly: This is an absolute must for all the drivers. Teenagers especially have the habit of driving without the seat belt. It is also your responsibility to make sure that all the other passengers are also wearing it. In case you crash, it will prevent your head from violently hitting against the steering wheel. As per reports, more than half of the deaths caused by car accidents could have been prevented if the seat belt was on. Even a minor accident may result in severe injuries if you are not wearing the seat belt. Seat belts really do save lives, so you should always be wearing one. You should also ensure that you are wearing your seat belt properly as this can also cause injury if it does not sit correctly.

2. Driving better in bad weather: Driving in adverse weather conditions is a big challenge for drivers who are just starting out. The weather is not under your control.You have no idea when a sudden, unexpected storm may come your way. While driving through storms or through snowy roads, you should be more careful. In such kind of extreme situations, it is advisable to drive a bit slow. If the visibility is poor, then don’t forget to turn on the head lights.

3. Parking Patience: Parking can also be a bit tricky for new drivers. Most of the drivers generally just drive into the parking spot. It is much easier to park the car that way. But leaving the parking spot will be more challenging. Using the reverse gear is difficult at the initial stages. Try to park your car in such a way, that your first movement will be forward while leaving the parking spot.

4. Watch your speed: Most teen drivers have the habit of over speeding. The faster you drive, the longer it will take to stop the car. The impact of the damage will also be more if you are driving fast. It is also extremely important to stay patient while driving. Do not try to beat the traffic. Even if the other cars overtakes you, maintain the speed limit. Being stuck in traffic is much better than being involved in an accident. There is a lot of truth behind the phrase “Speed Kills”. Speeding is the number one reason

5. Avoid all kinds of distractions: You may have seen people eating or having a drink while driving the car. But that is extremely risky. Especially since you are just starting out, any kind of distraction may make you lose control of your car. Your entire focus should be completely on the road. One of the main distractions is texting while driving. Even during traffic jams, you should not text. It can distract your mind. Actually, it will be best if you just keep your phone switched off.

6. Don’t consume alcohol before driving: The statistics on drunk driving are extremely worrisome. Around 30 or 40 percent of the accidents involves drivers under the influence of alcohol. It is a very serious offense. You are not only risking your own life, you are also putting others at risk. You may land up in jail. Excess alcohol consumption will make you feel sleepy and your vision will also be hazy.

7. Drive Alone: It is always better to drive alone. That way, your entire focus will be on your driving. Talking with another person while driving may make you lose your concentration. In any case, if there is another person beside you, make sure that he or she doesn’t sleep. Having someone sleeping beside you will make you feel drowsy. Until you are more confident dealing with the distraction of having someone else ride with you it is a good idea to go solo when you can.

8. Don’t follow the vehicle in front of you very closely: You should always try to maintain a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. In case he makes any unexpected turns or suddenly stops, it will give you enough time to adjust. This is more important while driving through the dark or in extreme weather conditions.

9. Avoid driving during nights initially: In case of new drivers, it is best to avoid driving in darkness. It requires a lot of concentration and focus. Only after you have picked up all the basic skills, you should drive at night.

10. Maintain your vehicle: While buying a new car, safety should always be the first concern. It should have all the latest safety features. If you buy a used vehicle or your car is getting up there in age then it is also very important to maintain the car properly. You should have a professional check your vehicle at least once every year. He will make sure that the engine, tires and the brakes are all in proper condition.

Driving can be a scary proposition for beginners. With a little patience, precaution, and practice, it will become something that you can handle with great confidence. It is important to always remember that you a steering a vehicle that weighs a few thousand pounds. It has the potential to do extensive damage to you and to others. Getting behind the wheel is a tremendous responsibility and one that should always be taken seriously. Even the shortest trip can have severe consequences. Stay alert to stay safe, and always be in a defensive mode. Accidents will happen, but there is a lot that you can do to minimize the risk, and it all starts behind the wheel.

Below is a video with more practical driving tips that beginners should also benefit from.

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